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America Made Waves!

America Made Waves!

America gained independence from England on the 4th of July, 1776. Less than three centennials old, it is infinitesimally young compared to some of the countries of the old world comprising Africa, Asia and Europe.

America's emergence as a free nation of the new world heralded the nascency of advancements in technology, innovations, prosperity and standards of living, the likes of which, the world had never before witnessed.

The First Wave of change launched by the agricultural revolution almost ten millennia back, was almost at its fag end. The industrial revolution had ushered in the Second Wave of change. Farms made room for assembly lines, factories and mass production. It engendered minimum wages, higher standards of living and a burgeoning middle class. Its reverberations were heard in the portals of distribution, education, entertainment, media and recreation. Its ramifications were felt in government, organizations and unions.

Even as most of the other nations of the world were coming to terms with the Second Wave of change or building on the progress already made, a monster Third Wave of change inundated America, sometime in the late 1950s! This was the beginning of the Information revolution where, mental work started replacing physical work. This was the era when the term, brute force made way for the term, brute economy.

However, there was a heavy price to pay! Words that, hitherto, meant nothing, suddenly became dreaded, dreadful and almost "pariahs" in most Americans' lexicon! Yes, I am alluding to outsourcing, NAFTA, WTO and TPP. The ubiquitous "Made in The U.S.A" labels on products as tiny as pins and as big as pianos, were nowhere to be found. There has been a meteoric rise in abandoned houses, bankruptcies, blight, dependence on welfare, deterioration in standards of living, foreclosures, homelessness, incarcerations, stagnation in wages and unemployment. The exuberance and fanfare with which this bill of goods was sold to us has resulted in nothing short of despair, gloom, hopelessness and pessimism.

How I long for nostalgia and yearn for the halcyon days of the past when, "Made in The U.S.A." was a source of joy, patriotism and pride!


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