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Angel-Wing Costume Jewelry/Trinkets

Satyajit Dixit Angel Wing Earrings Angel Wing Trinkets Angel Wings Angel Wings Jewelry

An "Angel", according to Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Zoroastrianism, is a spiritual being, far superior to humans, in terms of intelligence and power. According to these religions, "Angels" serve as intermediaries between earth and heaven or as guardian spirits.

The word "Angel" personifies affection, beauty, benevolence, compassion, goodness, harmony, inspiration, intelligence, joy, knowledge, love, protection, purity, selflessness and wisdom. Believers and people of faith attach a great deal of importance to these attributes. Little wonder then that, Angel-Wing costume jewelry/trinkets hold a special place in their collection of costume-jewelry/trinkets, in their hearts and on their "To-give-a-gift-to" list!

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