Fire Your Boss! Be The Boss!!!

Fire Your Boss! Be The Boss!!!

7 out of 10 people hate their jobs!

Startling statistics, right?

What is more shocking is that, most of the ones who hate their jobs, continue to remain miserable by hanging on to them! It's no different from a situation where, a spouse(or maybe, both), in a marriage that has lost direction, purpose, passion and raison d'etre, continues to remain unhappy and miserable by continuing to remain in that relationship!

While it is easy to chastise, critique and sermonize from a distance, let's remember that, each individual has a set of unique circumstances and personality traits that may prevent him or her from changing course. While most people, given a choice, would simply love to be their own boss, the majority just fantasizes about it. Only a select few actually take the plunge! Why, one might ask, would people not free themselves from the yoke of a job that makes them miserable?

Well, there could be plenty of reasons. The reasons that most people cite are:

1)The fear of failure, fear of the unknown and the fear of losing a guaranteed and steady income,

2)The lack of knowledge, the resources and the skills,

3)The inability to figure out where and how to begin,

4)A lack of awareness about the different options that exist out there.

To those with the determination and a burning desire to do it, here are some nuggets of basic information that may help!

Consider Starting A Home-Based Business

There are almost 40 million home-based businesses in The United States today! Hardly surprising, considering the fact that working from home has many benefits.

Here are a few:

  1. You work at your own speed and decide your schedule.
  2. You are successfully able to balance work and family-life.
  3. You no longer have to deal with the misery of morning commute(or late evening, for that matter), meetings, Power-Point(TM) presentations, formal clothes, greasy burgers and annoying co-workers.
  4. You don't have to invest in office space and other unnecessary expenses(at least, till the time is ripe for you to really go big!).
  5. You begin to truly appreciate, recognize and understand the importance of accountability, discipline, responsibility and management skills.

A Few Ideas To Consider: 

  1. If you love writing and have what it takes, freelance writing can be a very fulfilling and rewarding  home-based business. In fact, resume-writing is an area with tremendous potential. Becoming a blogger is also another great option for those with writing skills and knowledge of a particular subject. These two skills can be harnessed to create monetizable blogs.
  2. If you like sales, becoming an "Affiliate Marketer" is the quickest, safest and the least-expensive way to earn money online. Affiliate Marketers are called publishers. They, typically, get commission if they are able to get visitors to their site or landing-page to respond in a desired way, and then have them visit their advertisers' websites. Almost all companies, regardless of their size, have Affiliate programs. Becoming an Amazon(TM) affiliate can be very lucrative and prestigious.
  3. Ecommerce, or shopping online, is the direction in which the world is heading! More and more people are starting to love the convenience of shopping online. This is, naturally, at the expense of shopping in an actual brick and mortar store. The size of the "online shopping" pie is growing every day. You can sell online, either by creating your own website/platform, or by piggybacking on platforms like Amazon(TM), ebay(TM), Etsy(TM) etc.
  4. Home-based catering service is another great home-business idea for people with culinary skills.

Here is an article that will help a great deal:

Turn your passion into some cold, hard cash with your own home business. Whether you are crafty, love to bake, like to sew or just about anything else, you can turn that into an at-home business. This article will serve as your guide and offer you some good, solid tips for turning your skills into a living.

When preparing tax statements for your home business, don't put down any deductions that you feel you can't uphold. If you can't prove it on paper in your tax file, you certainly won't be able to prove it with a tax auditor breathing down your neck. If it doesn't feel right, don't take it.

An important part of your home business will be your home office. The home office should have some physical boundaries from the rest of your home in order to separate your home life from your home work. Having a specific area designated for your home business will increase your productivity and help you maintain a high work ethic. When choosing where to set up your home office, you should also keep in mind that the area will need to be able to scale with the growth of your business.

Figuring your tax deductions for your home-based business can be made infinitely easier if you designate a separate area or room of your home entirely to your business, and use it for that purpose only. It is much easier to compute, and you are much more likely to get, the largest write-offs possible if you have a set, defined space. Trying to add up bits of space here and there that may have only been used temporarily, are called combined-use areas or transitional spaces, and make computing allowable expenses next to impossible to calculate.

Don't let family constantly interrupt when working from the house. Interruptions are distracting, and distraction will impede your productivity. Let folks know when you will be available. It is important that they understand that privacy is needed and will allow you to spend time with them just as soon as you complete your work. Children must be supervised by a responsible person, but be sure they can reach you if there is a true emergency.

If you have not already established a strong network of professional contacts than now is not the time to start your own business. It is important to have many contacts in several different areas as you never know what kind of assistance or business deal you may need to make.

To advertise your business create fliers, brochures and postcards. Ask businesses to hang your flier in their window, or post them on bulletin boards. Mail the postcards out to potential clients. To draw in more business put a code on your advertising materials that entitle the clients to a one time discount or free trial service.

If you own your home, contact your home insurance provider to find out how working from home may affect your coverage. In some states, home insurance is not valid for subscribers who work from their house. Other insurance providers are bound by regulations that require to upgrade or add on to existing coverage levels.

When starting a home business, look for something original. Research the market and your local area to find something no one else is doing. Make sure you stand out by offering something new and exciting to your area. Originality can make your home business a great success!

Running a business from home can be a double edged sword. You could blunt the blade however by accepting that even though you are running it from home, it is still a business. This will prevent you from being lackadaisical about it, and ultimately running it into the ground because of that.

Learn about your customers. Your products or services probably interest a certain niche of consumers more than the others. Find out who these people are and market the product to them. Find a marketing technique that works for this category. Look for new niches and adapt your marketing strategies accordingly.

By following the guidelines shown here, it is possible for you to launch your business from the comfort of your own home and do it successfully. Take the time to review your needs and start making your dreams of a home business, a reality today. You deserve to have financial security and success.


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