"Braided Bracelets/Paracord Survival Bracelets With Thermometer & Compass"

DID YOU KNOW THAT "THREE" IS THE UNIVERSAL SIGNAL NUMBER FOR DISTRESS?    This "Braided Bracelet/Paracord Survival Bracelet With Thermometer & Compass" makes a great companion when hiking, hunting, fishing or while pursuing most outdoor activities, hobbies and passions. These charm bracelets also make an enviable and eye-catching fashion accessory! They...
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"Personal Water-Filter Straw" For Outdoor Use & For Emergencies

DID YOU KNOW THAT, DRINKING CONTAMINATED WATER CAN CAUSE GASTROINTESTINAL AND STOMACH ILLNESSES, NAUSEA AND EVEN DEATH?   This versatile personal water-filter can prevent that from happening!   It easily and speedily converts water unfit for human consumption to crystal clear, pure water. The water-filter is equipped with 0.01 micron...
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"Portable, Stainless Steel, Firewood/Solid Alcohol, Compact & Lightweight Wood Stove/Furnace For Outdoor Use/Camping"

DID YOU KNOW THAT, SPENDING TIME OUTDOORS CAN BOOST YOUR CREATIVITY AND FOCUS, IMPROVE YOUR MOOD AND SELF-ESTEEM, PROMOTE HEALING AND WELLNESS AND OPTIMIZE YOUR VITAMIN D LEVELS?   This silver-colored, stainless-steel, wood stove/furnace is compact, portable, lightweight(approximate diameter is 13.00 cms/5.12 inches, height is 7.00 cms/2.76 inches and weight...
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