32 Oz, BPA-Free, Fruit-Infusing Water Bottles


Love "The Outdoors"?


Love Outdoor Activities?


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If You Answered Yes, You Will  These 32 Oz, BPA-Free, Fruit-Infusing Water Bottles!


  • These large capacity(32.0 oz/946.4 ml) fruit-infusing water bottles are excellent to carry on you to quench your thirst and deliver clear, clean and fruit-flavored water when pursuing outdoor activities like camping, cycling, hiking, trekking...
  • They also make excellent gifts for almost any occasion.
  • A full-length infuser rod ensures that even your last drop of water is flavored.
  • Food-grade, toxin-free material ensures that the water is maximally safe for drinking.
  • They are very durable since they are made from shatter and impact-resistant copolyester material.
  • They are equipped with a well-designed and robust O-ring to make them leakproof.
  • A  small metal latching loop above the single push button keeps the lid well in place and prevents it from popping out.
  • Dual anti-slip grips(rubber grip and thumb grip) help users hold these light weight and sleek-looking water bottles comfortably.
  • Not only are they great for use outdoors, but they are excellent for use at home and in offices too.
  • Their size is compatible with most cup holders and bike racks.
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