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Bicycle Rear/Tail Lamp With Laser Bulbs And LED Lights

Bicycle Rear/Tail-Lamp With Laser Bulbs And LED Lights

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  • These seat-post mounted, battery-operated bicycle-lamps made from tough ABS plastic, acrylic and nylon are a "must-have" for safe and stress-free cycling.
  • They are CCC certified.
  • The lamp-unit has two(2) laser bulbs and five(5) flashing LED lights.The two(2) laser bulbs help alert pedestrians/vehicles behind your bicycle about the need to maintain a safe distance and work independently of the five(5) LED lights. The five(5), built-in LEDs pierce the darkness with ease.
  • The length and distance of the laser beam varies with the angle of mounting.
  • The bicycle-lamp can be set to seven(7) different positions: Always Bright, Flash, Slow Flash, Left To Right, Right To Left And Left To Right Slow Flash, Flash, Flash Back And Forth.
  • It is water-protected and can safely be used in foggy and rainy conditions.
  • It can also be used while jogging, walking, horse-riding and as emergency lights on freeways and roads, while camping etc.
  • It works on two(2) AAA batteries(included)
  • The bicycle-lamps work for anywhere between 9 and 35 hours, depending upon the kind and make of batteries.
  • The unit includes lamp and mount.
  • Supplies are limited to 25 lamps per order.
  • These bicycle rear/tail-lamps make excellent gifts too!
  • Note: This bicycle-lamp is NOT a toy! Laser beams can cause permanent damage to eyes and can seriously impair vision. Please keep the lamp away from the reach of children and avoid looking at the laser beam directly without appropriate protective glasses.

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