Braided Paracord Survival Bracelets With Compass And Whistle

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If You Answered YES, You Will  And Definitely Want These "Braided Paracord Survival Bracelets With Compass And Whistle"!


  • They make a very dependable and useful companion when you are out enjoying hiking, hunting, fishing or pursuing outdoor activities that you love. 
  • They are made from parachute cord(also called paracord or 550 cord), a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope used in the suspension lines of parachutes and for general purpose by military personnel and civilians.
  • These charm bracelets are available in black, black camouflage, brown, dark blue, green, green camouflage and orange black colors for individualization and personalization.
  • They make a cool fashion accessory too!
  • They are designed with safety clasps to provide extra security to the closure.
  • The overall length of each bracelet is approximately 22.00 cms/8.66 inches.
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