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Flashing LED Safety-Collars For Dogs/Pets

Flashing LED Safety-Collars For Dogs/Pets

$5.99 $9.99
  • These battery-operated, four-mode, flashing LED safety collars are a great way to help you identify/protect your dog/pet.
  • They are made from washable nylon and are adjustable, durable, rain-resistant and have bold, solid patterns in blue, green, red, yellow and white colors.
  • They are easy to tie to your dog's/pet's neck with the help of a buckle.
  • These LED safety-collars can be set to any of the four modes/positions: "Quick Strobe", "Slow Flash", "Steady" and "Off".
  • They are powered by two, ultra-thin, CR 2016 button batteries that can be replaced easily.
  • Battery life is approximately 60-80 hours.
  • The safety-collar can be adjusted up to 7.09 inches/18.0 cms for each of the sizes in which they are available(S/XS, M/XS, L/S).
  • Asian "S"/West "XS" size is 7.87 inches/22.0 cms-15.75 inches/40.0 cms.
  • Asian "M"/West "XS" size is 12.6 inches/32.0 cms-19.68 inches/50.0 cms.
  • Asian "L"/West "S" size is 18.90 inches/48.0 cms-23.62 inches/60.0 cms. 
  • These safety-collars make excellent gifts too!  

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