Multi-Language, Real-Time Portable Voice Translator

Does the fear of language barriers prevent you from pursuing your passion for Nature, "The Outdoors" and outdoor activities in exotic places and places away from home?


When you use this compact and versatile, Multi-Language, Real-Time Portable Voice Translator, it no longer should!


  • It supports 30 of  the most widely-spoken languages and dialects on this planet.
  • Intelligent speech recognition technology translates voice input into text in the selected language and, almost immediately, converts it into voice output. It also supports text-to-text translation.
  • Users of this Multi-Language, Real-Time Portable Voice Translator will need a smart phone, a mobile network or wi-fi, will need to scan the QR code on the product, download the translation app or itranslate and connect the smart phone and translator via Bluetooth(TM)
  • The smart phone and the translator can stay connected up to a distance of almost 10.0 metres/32.81 feet.
  • Voice recognition works best up to a distance of approximately 2.0 metres/6.57 feet.
  • The translator is compatible with most Android(TM) and IOS(TM) devices.
  • It has a great sound quality, is very responsive and almost hum/noise-free.
  • It has a built-in, 3.7 V, 750 mA. rechargeable battery, low power consumption and can be easily charged.
  • It is available in gray color, operates on the  2.4 GHz. frequency and has an optical resolution of 1200 dpi.
  • The size is approximately 12.3 cms/4.8 inches x 3.6 cms/1.42 inches x 1.2 cms/0.47 inches and weight is approximately 100 grams/0.22 lbs.
  • The packaging includes the The Multi-Language, Real-Time Portable Voice Translator,  a USB charging cable and a user manual.
  • It makes a very thoughtful gift.
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