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Bluetooth Headphones With Noise-Cancellation Technology

Bluetooth Headphones With Noise-Cancellation Technology

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  • These high-performance "Head Band" type Bluetooth(TM)/wireless headphones are great for use with cellphones, music-players, video-games etc.
  • They have an impedance of 9Ω (ohms). Since headphones with an impedance less than 25 ohms require very little power to deliver high audio- levels, these headphones work well with devices known for weak amplification(portable music players, cell phones etc.).
  • Since they have a sensitivity of 123dB, they deliver rich-quality sound.
  • Since they are wireless and work on Bluetooth(TM) technology, they are portable and the wearer can be up to a distance of 10 meters from the device to which it is connected. Moreover, since they are designed using Bluetooth 4.0(TM) technology, their phenomenal energy efficiency(a very big advantage of Bluetooth 4.0(TM) over Bluetooth 3.0(TM))ensures a very long battery life.
  • Since these headphones use Noise Cancellation Technology(TM), communication is almost flawless!
  • They have a built in microphone.
  • Frequency response range is 20-25000 Hz. Hence, bass and treble sounds are clearly audible.
  • They are available in black, blue, red and white colors.
  • They are compatible with HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP profiles(some of the most important Bluetooth(TM) profiles for audio/video streaming).
  • They use a 250 mAH lithium ion battery that retains charge for several hours.
  • These headsets make excellent gifts too!
  • Please allow 4-5 weeks for shipping and delivery.

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