Panda, Five Panel Large Canvas Wall Art

  • If you love animals & birds, Nature and "The Outdoors", you will love this beautiful, Panda, five panel large canvas wall art! And if you wish to delight someone who feels the same way, it will make a fantastic gift too.
  • It is made with love in the United States. However, you will Not find it in stores.
  • The wall art measures, approximately, 72 inches(Width) x 32 inches(Height) x 1.8 inches(Depth) and individual panels measure, approximately, 12 inches x 24 inches(Panel 1),14 inches x 28 inches(Panel 2), 16 inches x 32 inches(Panel 3),14 inches x 28 inches(Panel 4) and 12 inches x 24 inches(Panel 5).
  • Each panel is printed on acid-free cotton/polyester, artist's canvas and the canvas is wrapped around the stretcher bars (wooden frame).
  • All you need to do is simply hang it on the wall. You do not need an extra frame or glass.
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