Teddy Bear-Shaped, Color-Changing, Acrylic 3D(TM) L.E.D. Lamps

  • Display your affection by giving this stunning-looking Teddy Bear-Shaped, Color-Changing, Acrylic, 3D(TM) L.E.D. Lamp as a gift to your mother on Mother's Day; to a spouse or sweetheart on Sweetest Day or Valentine's Day; or to just about anyone you love on any day of the year!
  • These lamps are made in the United States and are Not available in stores.
  • They include an energy efficient L.E.D. strip, consume as little as 0.012 Kwh per day, do not overheat, and can provide as many as 50,000 hours of bright light.
  • An easy-to-use button helps users turn them On or Off.
  • Their approximate dimensions are 6"-7" x 7"-10".
  • The packaging includes the lamp, a USB cord and a lamp base.
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