"Wild Bird", 1 And 5 Panel Canvas Wall Art/Posters In L And XL Sizes

  • Transform your surroundings by patronizing these rich-looking, "Wild Bird" Canvas Wall Art/Posters that reflect your love for Birds and Nature. They make sound gifts too!
  • The ones with frames are easy to install. You don't even need an extra frame or glass!
  • These custom wall art/posters are conceived and made in the United States, are Not available in stores and are offered in XL size(with frame), L size(with frame), XL size(canvas only) and L size(canvas only) versions.
  • The approximate total dimensions of XL-sized wall art are, 92"(w) x 40"(h) x 1.8"(d) and the approximate dimensions of individual panels are, 16" x 32"(panel 1),18" x 36"(panel 2), 20" x 40"(panel 3),18" x 36"(panel 4) and 16" x 32"(panel 5).
  • The approximate total dimensions of L-sized wall art are, 72"(w) x 32"(h) x 1.8"(d) and the approximate dimensions of individual panels are, 12" x 24"(panel 1),14" x 28"(panel 2), 16" x 32"(panel 3),14" x 28"(panel 4) and 12" x 24"(panel 5).
  • The approximate dimensions of XL-sized wall art(canvas only) are, 40"(w) x 30"(h).
  • The approximate dimensions of L-sized wall art(canvas only) are, 24"(w) x 18"(h).
  • Each panel is printed on 100% acid-free cotton/polyester artist's canvas that is wrapped around the stretcher bars (wooden frame)(for 5 panel wall art only).
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